Our Story

The feeling was too intense to ignore; we had to help women be proud of themselves in a bikini. Since Forever Young Swimwear was born in 2012, this simple goal has been driving us every day. We strive to take the guesswork out of bikini shopping. We proudly design bikinis that make women feel unbelievably sexy, confident and comfortable.

We like to think of ourselves as trend-setters at FYS; our swimwear is designed to accent curves and highlight the most beautiful parts of women’s bodies, all while supporting natural movements. We offer an endless array of colors and styles for each unique body shape.

Our famous blend of style and comfort also supports a friendly budget. Ensuring that our bikinis are affordable and high quality is non-negotiable. We want women to be able to wear a new bikini every day of their vacation…with no buyer’s remorse attached.

The flexibility of our designs combined with the mix and match color choices continues to grab the attention of our beach-loving babes. We’re always adding new trendy styles with different coverage and size options so every woman can enjoy swimwear that’s the perfect fit for her!

Most importantly, we hope that women around the world will find themselves making incredible memories in Forever Young Swimwear. We hope you will look back and say “I looked hot in that bikini!” Or better yet, “I felt hot in my Forever Young Swimwear.” May you recall laughing, feeling free and enjoying life at its best.


Sheyanne Morris

Lead Designer & CEO