• Goodbye Victoria’s Secret Swimwear

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    Earlier this year, Victoria's Secret announced that their swimwear line will be winding down for good. That's right, this is the very last summer that you can buy a Victoria's Secret swimsuit! The cut is apparently part of a bigger plan to put the focus back on lingerie and beauty (plus a new athletic wear line!) but it's pretty upsetting for bikini lovers. Almost every news report has asked the same question: where are we going to get our cheap, on-style bikinis now?

    Don't worry - there are plenty of amazing swimwear brands ready to step in and save the day! There's no shortage of amazing swimwear destinations for your VS-style bikini fix. Whether you want ultra-sexy or cute and fun, you're bound to find your perfect bikini at one of these alternative stores. Get bookmarking in preparation for next summer!

    Forever Young Swimwear is top of the list for cheap scrunch bikinis that are bound to be perfect for Spring Break or a summer vacation. These scrunch butt bikinis are fun and fashionable - everything that we'll be missing about Victoria's Secret. Bright colors and bold prints make this a brilliant go-to swimwear destination. Who needs VS when there are all these gorgeous affordable bikinis in one place?

    If you’re still looking for even more fun and flirty swimwear ideas, there are quite literally hundreds of places to get your bikini fix. Major fashion sites like ASOS and Forever21 are a great place to start. Try something like this ruched bikini bottom with its cute matching top. The great thing about buying from a big site like ASOS is that there are often plenty of styles to choose from, so that you can mix and match to design your own perfect bikini. The advantage of a shop like Forever21 is that you can try a few bikinis on in-store to get an idea of size and fit.

    More worried about where to buy high waisted swimsuits once Victoria’s Secret stops selling them? Try out a retro-inspired swimwear destination like Boux Avenue, which has lots of beautiful vintage-inspired styles. Polka dots and ruffles will always be in style! These high waisted ruched bikini bottoms are ultra-fashionable and bound to be flattering. Team your high-waisted bikini with a bandeau or halter top for the ultimate retro look, or try a sleek strapless style for something more modern. 

    If you want the sporty but sexy style that Victoria's Secret did so well, you need to try one piece scrunch bottom swimwear. Cynababy have a great selection, or you can check out this amazing scrunch bottom one-piece from Forever Young Swimwear. It’s the perfect mix of sporty 90’s style and a modern cheeky swimsuit. In fact, it’s better than Victoria’s Secret, especially for all you 90’s fashion lovers out there. You can even wear it without the removable bandeau, for a totally new look.

    If worst comes to worst and you just can’t cope without Victoria’s Secret swimwear, don’t despair! Their PINK diffusion brand will still be selling bikinis in stores. But why would you need them when there are so many amazing alternatives?

    What do you think about the news? Are you going to miss Victoria's Secret swimwear? It's definitely going to be a change!

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  • How to Solve Your Swimsuit Problems

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    You’re gearing up to hit the road for your next vacation. It’s time to go shopping for sunscreen, flip flops, and most importantly new swimwear.
    Buying a swimsuit should be fun. After all, you’re about to take a fun trip that you’ve been anxiously waiting for. But it’s not always the case if you’re struggling to figure out what bathing suit will work for your vacation plans. You want to look amazing in your new bikini at all times. 
    Solve your swimwear dilemmas. Find the best bikini for your shape and lifestyle today. 
    5 Solutions to Swimwear Challenges
    “I want my chest to look bigger.”
    Not all of us were blessed in the chest department. But you can still achieve the look of large breasts, even if you’re an A cup. 
    Push up bikini tops will give you the extra boost you’re after — and create the illusion of double Ds without surgery. Want to turn heads when you walk down the beach? Grab a style like the Anguilla Underwire Bikini Top, but be prepared for all eyes on you.
    If you really want to take things up a notch, add a necklace to draw more attention to your chest. Or you could try your hand at boob contouring. (It’s a thing, really.) Just don’t try to go swimming.   
    “I feel like my stomach is bloated.”
    Maybe you made a goal to get a toned stomach by your next trip…but somewhere along the way life happens. We’ve all been there. 
    You might even be in killer shape, but you’re prone to bloating. 
    Whether it’s that time of the month or you’re indulging on vacation, you don’t want to feel self-conscious about your midsection when you’re supposed to be relaxing. Taking time off is the perfect time to treat yourself to a sweet margarita and poolside snacks. 
    Solve your insecurities with high waist bikini bottoms. Think coverage, but still sexy. Retro meets modern, with a cheeky scrunch butt and side cut outs to keep it flattering. Plus, you nail an instant “pin-up girl” look. 
    “I’m active and afraid my top will fall down.”
    Are you into water sports, like surfing or paddle boarding? 
    Or perhaps you’re a dedicated runner who wants to stay on top of their training, even at the beach. 
    Maybe you’re not even an athlete. You just want to play beach volleyball with your friends without the fear of a potential nip slip at any moment. That’s where sport bikini tops come in. They bring you a peace of mind and are comfortable for all-day wear. 
    Plus, the athleisure trend of sporty fashion isn’t going away anytime soon. If you decide you want to sex it up, the high neckline unzips in a low-cut v shape. Two looks in one.
    “I need support for my chest.”
    Triangle bikini tops not cutting it for you? Finding a bikini that provides more coverage without sacrificing style can be a challenge.  
    If you’re after support but don’t necessarily need the extra lift a push-up style gives, a halter top is your answer.
    Stand out from the crowd in a wrap bikini top — that doesn’t look like what everyone else is wearing. You can find solid colored tops or fun prints that express your personality, while still providing the necessary support. The wrap-around closure allows you to adjust the ties for a fit that’s customized to your body.
    “I want to get a tan without weird lines.”
    Want to achieve evenly bronzed skin with the awkwardness of ghost-white tan lines peeking out? 
    Whether you’re lounging poolside or next to the ocean, relaxing in the sun is what vacations are for. You deserve to take a break. Slip into a bandeau top that was made for tanning moments. 
    Or if you want a push-up style, our underwire bikini tops come with removable halter straps. You want to stay ready for an Instagram selfie at any moment, right? After all, making your friends envious of your vacation is half of the fun. 

    Written by: Haley Greene


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  • Trendy Swimwear to Show Off Those Curves

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    Learn more about the trendiest and most strikingly sewed swimwear that come in different designs and sizes to make the most out of this summer season. 
    This Summer’s Trendiest Swimming Attires to Show Off Your Curves
    Summer is only a few clock ticks away. This is not just a time to keep your distance from the strains of daily living but is also the perfect time to flaunt that desirable body figure you got with the help of the perfect swimwear. Dress yourself with these bikinis this summer and get ready to conquer the beach! Below are samples of swimming attires that you can mix and match to make your summer beach bonding with friends a whole lot better.
    Watch Out for the Chicest Swimwear for All Kinds of Body Figures
    You may think that you are just too skinny or too plump to be displaying that body figure on the beach. In reality, some of the ladies may be ashamed to display their hips and thighs publicly due to the mortification of the public eyes and will just decide to hide their curves beneath those Olympic inspired swimsuits that may, most often than not, make them appear so plain and boring. True enough, some body figures may not look as sexy or as curvy in comparison to others. However that is not enough reason to be hiding that curves. With the help of the right bikini, no need to hide that physique of yours! Lots of stylish swimming attires are available for different sorts of body sizes so say goodbye to your unadorned swimwear and pay close attention to the trendiest ones to match your body figure. 
    Stylish Summer Swimwear at an Affordable Price
    If you think that looking stylish and enjoying the summer at the same time may appear costly for your budget, think again. You don’t have to let out a huge amount of cash just to look as fab and as stylish on the beach this summer. If before, your budget will only take you to plain looking swimming attires; today a lot of swimwear designs and styles that come in different sizes are made available on a friendly budget. 
    Find Comfort While Looking as Stylish as Possible on the Beach
    Many trendy swimming attires may catch your attention. Their colors and designs may lure you to thinking that these are definitely the ones you should pick up. Some modest swimwear may look simple and at the same time comfortable but are they really? There is one thing to keep in mind while choosing the right swimwear for you and your colleagues, its comfort. This is something that a few do not put into account when choosing their desired swimming attires for the beach.
    As much as you want to appear stylish in front of other people, you don’t want to take away from yourself the fun and ease comfy swimming attire will bring you, right? So, begin checking out all sorts of available swimwear to make this summer a lot more fun and exciting. There are so many designs where you can choose from. All you have to do is be smart in choosing the best one for you and for your summer getaway!

    Written by: Gerlie de Guzman

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